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Why cruises are such great value

 Cruising has been the fastest growing sector of the travel industry for a number of years now. There are many reasons for this and they are.

  • Value for money – No other holiday option gives you such good value for money with all main meals, transport, accommodation, entertainment, and kids club facilities all included in your one low cruise fare. This makes it easier for people to budget for there much needed holiday as there are no surprises and no hidden costs. The chart below compares a land based resort holiday and what it includes vs. a cruise holiday and what it includes.
All Main Meals
  • Unpack only once – When you board your cruise ship, you know this will be your home away from home for the length of your cruise. With this in mind you can unpack your bags knowing that you will not have to repack them until the night before you disembark. How else can you see new destinations each day without having to repack your bags each day? For example a Tour Coach Holiday through Europe will have you traveling each day to a new destination. Each night you will arrive at your hotel in the early evening, you will check into your hotel room, and then early the next morning you will have to repack your bags so you can check out of your hotel, normally before 7 am. On a cruise you travel while you sleep, so when you awake the next day, you wake up at your new destination without any early morning wake up calls, and without repacking your bags.
  • Food glorious food – One of the best things about doing a cruise is the food, as all of your main meals are included in your cruise fare. In general, for breakfast, lunch and dinner there is the a la carte option (order from a menu) or a full buffet option. The buffet option is more casual than going into the restaurant so if you do not feel like getting dressed up for diner you don't have to. For some of the larger cruise ships the buffet is open 24 hours. Most cruise ships also have specialty dining options. These typically are not included in your cruise fare and a cover charge may apply. These specialty options are always fantastic value and a great option if you are celebrating a special occasion onboard.
  • Entertainment – The entertainment onboard comes in many different styles and formats but is always included in the cruise fare. In the evening you have your shows in the main show lounge. Typically there are two showings a night so depending on your dinner time, you can always catch the show and the style of these shows changes daily. Some nights it will include all of the ships entertainment crew with a Los Vegas production. Other nights there may be a guest entertainer or comedian. There is always something for everyone.
The entertainment doesn't stop with the nightly performances, each night the ship will produce a daily newsletter. Detailed in this are all the activities that will take place the following day. This may include dance classes, arts and crafts, table tennis tournaments, live music, trivia quizzes, recent release movies, and other deck games and deck parties. The great thing about doing a cruise is that you can do as much or as little as you like. If your idea of a holiday is sitting back with a good book, you can do that. If you like to be entertained. Then there is no shortage of entertainment.
  • Kids will love it too – One of the main reasons for a cruise making such a great family holiday is the “kids club” facilities offered onboard, and they are all included in your cruise fare. Typically the kids clubs are broken into 3 different age groups 3 to 6 years, 7 to 12 years, and 13 – 17 years. In these 3 dedicated children's facilities they are looked after by trained staff and the facilities are open from 9am – 10pm. Parents can check their children into the “kids club” whenever it suits them. Children typically love these facilities as it is “their space” onboard the ship.
NB Each cruise line has limited space onboard the ship for children as the kids club facilities can cater for a limited number of children, and any child booked onto a cruise has access to the kids club. If you are planning on taking a cruise during the school holidays then you need to book early as the children's space will sell out.
Also, most cruise lines have kids club facilities, however there are some exceptions ( not common) so you should check this at time of booking.
  • New Destinations – Cruise lines are traveling further and to more remote locations than ever before. A South Pacific cruise for example can take you to destinations that would almost be impossible (or very expensive) to get to any other way. As a result you get the opportunity to visit beautiful and unspoilt island destinations.
  • Meet new friends – Cruising is a great way to make new friends, friendships that could last a lifetime. With the relaxed nature of cruising, it is the perfect environment for meeting new people.